Forget about the swallows returning to Capistrano…the plovers have returned to Iceland, spring is here!

It’s just a short story from RÚV, with a couple of interesting words. It never ceases to amaze me the words I find in the online dictionary I use. Pretty much every species of bird mentioned in this article was in there, things I had to look up because I didn’t know what they were 🙂

ló/a f (-u, -ur)        - golden plover
spók/a sig v            - stroll, saunter
veður·blíð/a f (-u)     - mild weather
far·fugl m (-s, -ar)    - migratory bird
maríu·erl/a f (-u, -ur) - white wagtail
álft f (-ar, -ir)       - whooper swan
dugg/önd f              - scaup (type of duck)
grá·gæs f (-ar, -ir)    - greylag goose

The word for the season spring is a neuter noun:

vor (n) – spring
singular plural
nom vor vor
acc vor vor
dat vori vorum
gen vors vora

Á vorin lóan kemur til landsins.

fugl is actually an ordinary masculine noun similar to those discussed in this post:

fugl (m) – bird
singular plural
nom fugl fuglar
acc fugl fugla
dat fugli fuglum
gen fugls fugla

It’s interesting to note the meaning that the prefix far- adds to a word, imparting the sense of mobility or distance. In farfugl the idea of migration is added. Some others are:

far·tölv/a f (-u) – laptop (a mobile computer of sorts)
far·sím/i m (-a, -ar) – cell phone (mobile phone)
far·þeg/i m (-a, -ar) – passenger (migratory human? :))

far n (-s, för) – ride, passage
Má bjóða þér far? – Can I offer you a ride?

för f (farar, farir) – journey, trip

You can read more about the heiðlóa here: