Are you able to correctly pronounce Eyjafjallajökull? Did you name your cat Björk? Perhaps you spent a week in Reykjavík and returned home actually missing the subtle scent of sulfur in your shower. If so, you may be afflicted with Icelandic Obsessive Disorder, a generally harmless condition which left untreated can ultimately lead to thoughts of learning the language.

I started this blog to help people like you and me, since you can’t spend all your time listening to Of Monsters And Men or Sigur Rós, or searching online for brennivín.

I hope this site can be of interest to both the casual and serious student of the language, as well as anyone who likes all things Icelandic. So whether you’re descended from Vikings or just think the letters ð and þ look neat, feel free to stop by to get your fix of the coolest member of the North Germanic language family 🙂