And a happy Icelandic Language Day (and happy birthday Jónas Hallgrímsson) to the native speakers of this fascinating language, as well as those who learn it as a second language, either out of necessity or just for fun 🙂 I’ve been at it almost 3 years now, mostly on my own, and while the progress sometimes seems quite slow, I can see progress nonetheless. My blog posts have been sparse lately, mostly because I’ve been spending a lot of time on the grammar web site I put together and announced a few weeks ago. Thanks to all who sent me feedback, I’ve made a lot of improvements that will hopefully make the site even more useful to Icelandic learners. If you haven’t checked it out recently, here are the biggest changes:

  • All of the flashcards are now fill-in-the-blank, and allow you to use just the keyboard to check your answer, show the answer, of fetch a new word.
  • There is the option to use the smaller beginner database of words, or the expanded database of almost the entire DMII.
  • You can search for an Icelandic word, and it will offer suggestions as you type for a fill-in-the-blank table.
  • A page for random verbs that allows you to filter based on strong/weak, 4 classes of verbs, or even specific vowel shifts.

If you don’t see the new stuff, try clearing your browser cache – I had some issues with caching early on that should be fixed now.

Icelandic Grammar Exercises – http://islenzka.is

Information in Icelandic:
Dagur íslenskrar tungu
Jónas Hallgrímsson