I suppose with this whole “Modernist Cuisine” fad going on it’s hard to know whether explosions aren’t just part of the food preparation, but in this case it was a blocked gas burner that brought the fire department to the Vegamót restaurant in Reykjavík earlier this week.

As reported in this story at Vísir, somehow one of the burners on a stove became obstructed, and when the cook lit another one it caused an explosion that shook the entire restaurant. Fortunately no one was injured, but it sounds like it was pretty scary for the restaurant workers. The verb you will see most frequently (and understandably) in this story is að hlaupato run 🙂

“Við heyrum sprenginguna og hlaupum niður og þá kom kokkurinn hlaupandi á móti okkur út úr eldhúsinu.”

“We heard an explosion and ran downstairs, and then the cook came running towards us from the kitchen…”

að hlaupa – to run
present past
ég hleyp hljóp
þú hleypur hljópst
það hleypur hljóp
við hlaupum hlupum
þið hlaupið hlupuð
þau hlaupa hlupu

The running continued:

“Ég hljóp og ýtti á neyðarhnapp sem stoppar allt gas inn í húsið. Svo hlupum við bara út og hringdum á slökkviliðið.”

“I ran and hit the emergency button that shuts off all the gas coming into the building. Then we just ran out and called the fire department.”

Some vocabulary to help you along:

nýmættur			just arrived
kveik/ja v (acc) (-ti,-t)	to light, ignite
sjóða v (acc)			cook, boil
sprenging f (-ar,-ar)		explosion
stífl/a v (acc) (-aði)		to stop up, block
bloss/i m (-a,-ar)		flash
færðust til			moved
brugðist hratt við		reacted quickly
ör·fár adj			very few
skemmd f (-ar,-ir)		damage
mei/ða v (acc) (-ddi,-tt)	injure, hurt
vana·lega adv			usually

I will definitely check this place out on my next trip 🙂