I love when a single word takes me off on a tangent, and one word leads to another, but in hindsight the path you took makes perfect sense 🙂 In this case it was the word logskornir, which came from the last sentence in a poem by Gyrðir Elíasson in his book Hér vex enginn sítrónuviður. The sentence was

Allir vængir hafa verið logskornir af flugvélunum
All the wings have been cut off the planes

Now I recognized skera meaning cut, but didn’t get the log part. As it turns out it comes from the root for flame or burn, which can be seen in words like

að loga – to burn
logi – flame

Now you can use a torch to weld something together or cut it apart, for which there are two verbs:

að logskera – to cut (with a torch)
present past
ég logsker logskar
þú logskerð logskarst
það logsker logskar
við logskerum logskárum
þið logskerið logskáruð
þau logskera logskáru
að logsjóða – to weld
present past
ég logsýð logsauð
þú logsýður logsauðst
það logsýður logsauð
við logsjóðum logsuðum
þið logsjóðið logsuðuð
þau logsjóða logsuðu

Yep, it’s log- in front of the verbs for cut and boil 🙂

Looking up the definitions in my Icelandic-Icelandic dictionary leads to more new words!

log·sjóða s · tengja málmfleti með því að bræða þá saman med gasloga

Which is roughly “joining metal pieces by melting them together with a gas flame”

málmur (m) – metal
singular plural
nom málmur málmar
acc málm málma
dat málmi málmum
gen málms málma
að bræða – to melt
present past
ég bræði bræddi
þú bræðir bræddir
það bræðir bræddi
við bræðum bræddum
þið bræðið brædduð
þau bræða bræddu

Seeing málmur made me think of the upcoming movie Málmhaus (Metalhead), but I digress.

log·skera s · skera sundur málm með sérstöku tæki

Or “cutting apart metal with a special tool”

So this is where this little detour led me – I’m starting to think this Icelandic dictionary game could be useful. Just pick a word, read the definition, and use a word from the definition (that you ideally don’t already know) as the next entry to look up. Stop when you’ve learned every Icelandic word 🙂

log·suða f             welding
vængur m               wing
loga v                 burn
logi m                 flame
tengja v (acc)         connect, join, link together
flötur m               surface
sérstakur adj          special, particular
tæki n                 tool, implement
bræðslumark n          melting point
haus m                 head