I was reading a story last week that had the words for index finger and ring finger in it, and it made me wonder if I actually knew the names of all of the fingers in Icelandic. So I looked into it, and this is what I found out. I even decided to throw in the foot and toes since it seemed natural 🙂

hönd (f) – hand
singular plural
nom hönd hendur
acc hönd hendur
dat hendi höndum
gen handar handa
fingur (m) – fingur
singular plural
nom fingur fingur
acc fingur fingur
dat fingri fingrum
gen fingurs fingra

The most common names for the five fingers are as follows:

þumall – thumb
vísi·fingur – index finger
langatöng – middle finger
baug·fingur – ring finger
litli·fingur – little finger

There are a couple of variations I found, like sleiki·fingur (index) and hring·fingur (ring). Another word for finger is putti, which shows up with the expression

fara á puttanumhitchhike

There was another one for hitchhiking involving the thumb – ferðast á þumalfingrinum – I don’t know which of either is more common. Another interesting “thumb” related word is þumlungurinch.

But there’s more to the hand than fingers, so to round out the vocabulary list I’ll add:

handarbak – back of the hand
lófi – palm of the hand
úln·liður – wrist
nögl – fingernail

And yes, there is even a page on the Icelandic Wikipedia all about the Fingur 🙂

The foot and toes don’t seem quite as interesting, other than stóratá (big toe) and lítlatá (little toe), they seem to just be numbered. There is also þumaltá for the big toe (thumb toe :))

fótur (m) – foot
singular plural
nom fótur fætur
acc fót fætur
dat fæti fótum
gen fótar fóta
tá (f) – toe
singular plural
nom tær
acc tær
dat tám
gen táar táa

And a few foot related words:

hæll – heel
ökkli – ankle
rist – instep

Be sure to check out the Wikipedia page for as well!